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Episode 20 - Lyn Dalebout

Lyn Dalebout

This show is tailor made for these troubled times! Poet and educator Lyn Dalebout is a woman with many hats and talents: she is also a biologist and a sidereal astrologer, who writes a weekly blog called Earth Sky Oracle. (Check out the recent ones on Obama and other political figures). Lyn has a book of poems called Out of the Flames. Her writing has appeared in a number of anthologies.

This week’s podcast is dedicated to our dear friend Anthony Birkholz, whose bright flame was tragically extinguished last week. Tony’s last project involved a film about grizzly bear delisting. Bon Voyage, Tony!


"I’ve described myself sometimes is as an “earth listener.” I go out and sit for hours at a time, as Walt Whitman would encourage us to do, to just sit and let the sounds accrue to us, as he says -- and then the information arises and arrives."

"A poem is sitting there, and if you walk by, you’ll be the person that grabs it."

"When I heard the tribes talk about the Mother Bear, who was always their ancestral guide that came to them, it just gave me chills."

"And any time I have gone up and given testimony before the interagency grizzly bear gatherings -- I always wanted to just speak to that idea of the sacred with the bears -- and I would, and then sometimes you feel it falls on deaf ears, and like: “Oh there she goes again.“ But nonetheless, we show up and we speak our truth."

"Grizzly 399 is, to me, the great matriarch and she has that calmness about her, versus her daughter 610, who is another favorite bear of mine, but is very fiery, bluff charges people."

"I love to write about political astrology because I think when you analyze the charts of certain people, you see, again, the overall trend of a person’s soul – nothing is set in stone, the planets don’t cause things to happen -- it’s just a mirror."

"…it’s all about the right use of power. So it is actually associated with either kind of “over-power” people, controlling them from the outside using external force…But it also symbolizes “to be empowered from within.” Which is again, to me, why the Great Bear comes to us. It’s about knowing your power from within. Knowing your inner power and your gift."


EarthWord SkyWord, Lyn Dalebout's Website


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